I am adding new features to the website:

To comment with what you want

Now, you can add comments with Facebook, Disqus or Google + (and WordPress of course). Personally, I thing this is amazing and easy!

Connect with Patreon

If you are one of the Kawa-V Army’s Patron, you can connect your WordPress account with your Patreon account to get access to the exclusive content (the NSFW mainly :P ) on Kawa-V.com.

I know this plugin is a bit confusing, at first you can thing that you can access to the website with you Patreon account, but the plugin don’t work like that. You connects two accounts (WordPress and Patreon) .

Basically, you say: “Hey Patreon, the owner of this WordPress account is the same of that Patreon account, let’s connect and give me access to the exclusive content“.

To connect with Patreon you need:

  1. A WordPress account (you can make one sign up here)
  2. Support me on my Patreon (you can see here the levels Rewards)
  3. Go to the User Menu on this website (Upper-right) and click to “Connect with Patreon”, and follow the steps!

I know that would be a little annoying, because you need two accounts, so sorry, at this moment this is the only that I can offer. I’m searching on something more easy.