The world of “The Era of Itheriont” is truly exceptional. As we have said before, this world is flat, instead of being spherical, in addition, according to scientific measurements, it seems that the world is virtually infinite, that is, however much you walk in search from an edge, you will never find it. But the strange thing is that the celestial bodies, like the sun and the stars, continue to behave as if the planet were spherical, with cycles of day and night.

In this vast world, and because of its peculiarity, the oceans are really strange, being the most common lakes and small seas. Therefore, humans inhabit around what they call “the unique ocean“, an exceptional mass of water, which is one of the main source of food and natural barrier against the monsters that inhabit the world.

Nations of the Era of Itheriont on the year 314

map itheriont political

Factions on the Great Human War on the year 314

map itheriont great war factions

Sea of Orm and Avissk Mountains, on Kaarinia

map of kaarinia
map Avissk Peninsula
map arza province