Born of Itheriont – The last chapter

The last chapter, the end of this project. now the webcomic will remain in hiatus. Why? Making a comic is like a marathon, a long-distance race. It's a time-consuming project and you only see the results in the very long term. Right now Patreon, SubscribeStar, etc. don’t provide me with enough income to make the effort worthwhile. Will the comic be continued in the future? Only with the enough support... or I feel like doing it again XD There are still things to tell, I hope to be able to continue it in the future with the next saga [...]

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Vacations 2021

Attention. This year I am going on vacation from the 9th to the 22nd. During these days I will not upload any content, the webcomic will be paused and the illustrations. But believe it or not, this will not affect the monthly rewards (there will be 5 drawings) or the publication of chapter 17.1 at the end of the month. See you!

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Patreon Changes

I have decided to redo my Patreon and focus it exclusively on the webcomic, because Patreon don't like my NSFW content. That means commissions, drawings, NSFW, fanart, etc. will not be posted on Patreon. Patreon will be for the webcomic only.Therefore, I have removed the Levels and adjust the prices (inevitably this will affect Discord roles). These changes have been implemented in April, so the Soldier, Shocktrooper and Captain levels disappeared from Patreon. "But... I want support and get more content!"Don't worry, if you don't like this change of route, you can follow me on Gumroad, Subscribe Star, Pixiv-Fanbox. There everything [...]

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Black Friday 2020

Like every year, BLACK FRIDAY comes again to my Gumroad! You can get a 40% discount on my packs content. But the discount is true, I don't raise the prices the days before to simulate the discount! Use this code: blackfriday. Only 27th to 30th of November 2020! (I like to mix the Black Friday and the Cybermonday)

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The New Normality

In Spain, the period of confinement has ended, we are now entering what the government has called, the "new normality", in which everything is back to the way it was before, but maintaining certain rules: such as masks, hand washing, safety distance, etc. 😷 That means I'm going back to my usual place of work, and with that I hope to resume Born of Itheriont 😎 The bad thing is that I haven't worked on the comic for many months, so I'm a bit out of practice 😥  but Lambert's madness needs to be stopped.

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Coronavirus Quarantine

I'm getting better from my illness, the medicine is wonderful and I'm recovering well. Thank you all for your patience. The problem now is the Coronavirus. As you know, I'm from Spain, and the government has declared the "State of Alarm". That means that everyone who can should be quarantined. I work in my office, away from home, but the State has said that if you can work from home, work from home. So I've taken my equipment and locked myself at home with my family. I don't know how long the quarantine will last (technically started the last Monday [...]

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Hospital February

No one reads this blog because I don't write anything, and if anyone wants to know something they can just drop by my Patreon and that's it. But I want to record on the web the events that took place during February 2020. I will explain here almost everything. It's going to be a bit scatological, because my disease is about pooping. The beginning It all started... in November. At that time, I started to have diarrhea (I have never had diarrhea) with a little blood. At first I didn't give it much thought, a few drops of blood [...]

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Now on Pixiv Fanbox

Hey! Recently I started a Pixiv Fanbox, the "Japanese Patreon" because I can see that 100% of Japanese people that support me... decline the payment D: I think this is caused by problems with the language. So, I think they will be more comfortable at Fanbox. Go to Pixiv Fanbox

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