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Hi, i’m Kawa-V, a manga digital artist from Spain. The monthly crowdfunding platforms are perfect for artist and creative minds. You can pledge to a small amount of money monthly, and get exclusive rewards. But don’t worry, you can cancel it whenever you want.

I want to create more content for you. Me and my twin brother KawaINDEX are making and designing our own personal world “The Age of Itheriont“, I want make comics and more, but I need your support!.

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Now I will use Patreon to create drawings, strips and NSFW around my Original Characters: Born of Itheriont

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Born Of Itheriont

Born of Itheriont is the name of a personal project (web comic) set in my personal world of “Age of Itheriont“. A world that by unexplainable reason, become flat… and infinite. From that moment, appeared the “scientific magic”; the monsters and Rahreks; the Reborns; the Anomalies… but that is not all, when the “Hunt Era” ended, when mankind expelled the monsters from their territory, the humans started the Great Human War, a “Fantasy First World War” that will definy the human destiny.

Kazan, Leiko, Miia and Alyn, are the main characters on a story about what is the Itheriont and what it represents in a world in war that hates and fear all that means “monster”.

sons of itheriont characters
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$6 per Month:

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  • Step by step – See the process of the drawings.
  • Manga Studio Brushes – My Manga Studio brushes.
  • .PSD layered – Get the PSD, with layers.
  • Access to the Adult Content – At least, one picture per month.
  • Early Access to “Born of Itheriont” – I’ll release the complete chapters for free, but you can see the pages when I finish them.
  • 10% Discount – On my Gumroad page.

$12 per Month:

  • 50% Discount – On my Gumroad page.
  • Discord Raffle – For a free sketch commission.
  • PDF of Born of Itheriont – The last chapter in PDF.
  • NSFW Timelapse Videos – Access to the exclusive drawing videos.
  • Soldier rewards – Access to the previous pledge.

$60 per Month:

  • Character Commission – You can request a character commission (something like “draw this character” or “this character doing something”)
  • Soldier and Shocktrooper rewards – Access to the previous pledge.

With you help, we will unlock new goals!


With you help, we will unlock new goals!



I just looked again at the last two pictures you did for me, and again they look purely awesome! Thanks a lot, you are among the greatest artists I know.

avatar techorb patreonTechorb, Patron on the Captain Pledge

Kawa-V has an anime style that’s very clean, and uses a lot of interesting perspective. He draws a lot of hot babes, often in slice-of-life-esque “anime” situations, and has lots of personal non-pinup lore art added to the mix.

JimmuArts, on twitter

The first commission you draw for me was one I had wanted to get for so long, and the second commission is my all time favorite out of the many many pictures I have gotten of her (fanart of Lucy), but the third one is even better.

Thank you so much for your efforts to draw and color her down to even the smallest details. Once again you have made my day and i thank you. You are very friendly and I appreciate your way of doing business.

Brett Russell, commissioner

Your Artwork is great and you are a damn talented artist. I Wait for the day the characters appear in a webcomic.

In the regard to my avatar in kawa’s army… i like it! … i’m at least happy with my position as Soldier for now. Maybe that will change in the future? dunno.

Anyways keep up the fantastic art my General! Dutifully yours <3

dustin mcgrawSoldier Dustin McGraw, of the Kawa's Army

Kawa my good sir, you are criminally underrated.

Rex, Patron on the Soldier Pledge


You gotta read this guy’s comic! Ya gotta support him! Watching someone’s talents not get recognized is such a shame!

THERE’S 8000 OF YOU (on DeviantArt)! If even half of you donate 1 dollar, literally 1 dollar, this man could be makin’ an amazing comic series!

It’s got so much potential! I’m telling ya, it could reach the level of The Gamer if it’s just given a chance!

Come on!

Nahzo, DeviantArt user

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