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Born of Itheriont is the name of a personal web comic set in the world of «the Age of Itheriont«. Kazan, Leiko, Miia and Alyn, are the main characters on a story about what is the Itheriont and what it represents in a world in war that hates and fear all that means «monster».

Kazan, the Magma Fists

Kazan Eld is the big son from a blacksmith family on the north city of Arza, in Kaarinia. Kazan always was a special kid, because he is a «Reborn», he was born dead during the fires caused by the eruption of the Drage Volcano. But inexplicably, he comes to live. Since then, Kazan always have heat (and that’s the explanation why he goes shirtless), his eyes turned red, and have limit control of Nudion (Magic element of Fire), so he can increase his temperature and transform his body into something like magma or red hot steel.

Actually, Kazan works as guard on his city, Arza. But, after meet Leiko, he is working like a bodyguard/guide for her.


He is a man focused on training, is serious and always frowning. It’s not that he is always moody, but he may seem so. He is so accustomed to living almost naked that his body does not embarrass him.

  • Name: Kazan Eld
  • Nickname: Magma Fists, Ogre Killer.
  • Ethnicity / Race: Kaar / Human
  • Sex / Age: Male ♂ / 23
  • Height / Width: 1,85 cm (6′06») / 80 kg (176 lbs)
  • Home: Arza (Kaarinia)
  • Work: Guard / Guide
  • Family: Neka (Sister), Falx (Father), Valdia (Mother), Kay (cousin)
  • Friends: Meva, Vulne, Leiko, Miia, Alyn
  • Special: He is a Reborn (Heat)

Leiko, the Frost Breath

Leiko Strauss born into a aristocratic family of the Ageronian Empire, her father is a influencer Senator on the Capital. When Leiko was a child, one day of winter, during the holidays of the family on Arza (Kaarinia), Leiko fell into a frozen lake and die. But suddenly, she comes to live as a «Reborn». At that moment, she have limit control of Panelio (magic element of water) and she always have cold.

Recently, due the tensions between Ageronia and the Free Coalition, her father sent her to the vacation home en Kaarinia to protect her. But the truth, is that her father hates her, and don’t want to have her around. He thinks that her daughter become into a freaking monster when she fall into that lake and left in a Reborn.

Now, Leiko are living with her nanny Doris and the Doris husband. She lives trapped on a cold nation, so can not go outside or she will die of cold.

Until her meet Kazan.


Despite everything she has suffered in the past, she is an extroverted cheerful and optimistic girl. Very feminine, she likes fashion, clothes and romance novels.

  • Name: Leiko Strauss
  • Nickname: Frost Breath
  • Ethnicity / Race: Ager / Human
  • Sex / Age: Female ♀ / 20
  • Height / Width: 1,60 cm (5’24”) / 52 kg (114 lbs)
  • Home: (Empire of Ageronia)
  • Work: None
  • Family: Father, Mother
  • Friends: Kazan, Neka, Vulne, Miia, Alyn
  • Special: She is a Reborn (Cold)

Miia Disain, the Storm Sentinel

Miia comes from an ancient and pride clan of Felides in Kaarina, the Assameri. But her clan was been hunted little by little by Rahreks and Magems along the «Hunt Era», and all territories of her clan become a part of the human Kingdom of Kaarinia. She and her people had to flee and hide on the Avissk Mountains. Miia was young during the last days of Hunted, and have a happy childhood with her family and friends while adults gathered concerned about their survival.

Miia was expelled with 15 years old from the clan when she try to convinced to her father, the chief of the clan, to speak with humans to try live together instead and don’t running again. Her father was a proud Felide, and only think on revenge, after many discussions, finally he expelled his daughter with dishonor, hate and never to return.

So, she become something like a hermit, living in the forrest mountains and surviving thanks to hunting and small robberies. Sometimes, during the blizzards, some travelers were lost in the snow, and her helped them find a safe cave or guide to a secure route.


She is a strong, just, proud… and dangerous. She does not tolerate being insulted by calling her «monster,» because she does not consider herself one. She admires the humans, they are a prosperous race that has dominated everything that they wanted, but at the same time hates them due to the racism that they have before everything that is not natural.

  • Name: Miia Disain (Miia Assameri)
  • Nickname: Storm Sentinel
  • Ethnicity / Race: Nyarthic / Felide
  • Sex / Age: Female ♀ / 24
  • Height / Width: 1,90 cm (6’2”) / 77 kg (169 lbs)
  • Home: Assameri Clan (Avissk Mountains – Kaarinia)
  • Work: None
  • Family: Father, Mother, 5 Siblings
  • Friends: Kazan, Neka, Vulne, Leiko, Alyn
  • Special: Animal agility, claws and fangs

Alyn, the Little Witch

Alyn Wiskarin is an outstanding student within the prestigious Great University of Magic of Svalda. At only 15 years old, he finished his studies of the «Verbal Magic» with honors, besides having two Chromatic Feathers (the Blue of Creation and the Red of Destruction). She is currently studying the last cycle of her second career, specialized in Anomalies. For this reason, Alyn is living in Kaarinia, she is preparing an expedition towards one of the major anomalies known, the climatic anomaly of the Nortal Pole. But shortly after arriving to the city of Arza, she met Kazan, a reborn. The reborns are very uncommon, plus those who collaborate to be investigated, so Alyn is postponing her trip to study Kazan.


Alyn is very intelligent and rational, and besides shy and introverted. This, combine with her passion for study and magic, made that her never have many friends, even during her university years, being around by intellectuals like her. Additionally, she have an inferiority complex with the sexy Miia. And have a crush with Kazan. She has a complex about her short height.

  • Name: Alyn Wiskarin
  • Nickname: Little Witch
  • Ethnicity / Race: Sorthian / Human
  • Sex / Age: Female ♀ / 20
  • Height / Width: 1,40 cm (4’7”) / 40 kg (90 lbs)
  • Home: Svalda (Great Empire of Ageronia)
  • Work: Magic Investigator
  • Family: Father, Mother
  • Friends: Kazan, Neka, Vulne, Miia, Leiko
  • Special: Wizard (Red and Blue Feather)

Neka, the Hard Punch

She is Kazan’s younger sister, and like him, works for the government. Neka’s life has been characterized by following his brother and mediate in family fights. The city of Arza has a strong military presence, reason why Neka chose when she was small to be part of it. She was educated in a military school and had to live for a few years in the capital of the kingdom, training. Until finally she got a destined in Arza. There he works as the right hand of the officer in charge.

She feels a deep attachment to Alyn, whom she considers the little sister she never had, and protects her from all the pranks that Vulne does to her. In addition, Neka has a rivalry with Miia, to see which of the two is more powerful in combat, since until the arrival of the tigress, Neka was the strongest woman of the city of Arza.


She has always been a tomboy, she is a direct person, she laughs out loud and screams easily. She’s a tsundere girl, that means she looks like a tough girl, but inside she can be sweet. Although she likes her friend Vulne, she is not sincere with her feelings and she is embarrassed by all matters related to love.

  • Name: ???? Eld (she is ashamed of her real name)
  • Nickname: Neka
  • Ethnicity / Race: Kaar / Human
  • Sex / Age: Female ♀ / 21
  • Height / Width: 1,65 cm (5’41”) / 57 kg (125 lbs)
  • Home: Arza (Kaarinia)
  • Work: Military Police
  • Family: Kazan (big brother), Falx, Valdia, Kay (cousin)
  • Friends: Meva, Vulne, Miia, Leiko, Alyn
  • Special: Magem (Boxing Gloves)

Vulne, the Impertinent Sword

Vulne’s past is wrapped in mysteries. Mixed race between a man of Ageronia and a woman of Nihodo, was abandoned in the port of Arza. He spent several weeks wandering, until he was picked up by the local orphanage. There he suffered the bulling of his companions, due to his miscegenation and his strange blond hair (in Kaarinia the normal is red hair), so Vulne had to have to dye it to not stand out.

He met Kazan and Neka when they defended him during a fight, and no longer separated from them.

For several years he left Arza and went to Nihodo in search of his past. When he returned, he was a much more extroverted person, bizarre and skilled with the sword.

He does not currently have any type of work, he does not know how he survives, maybe juggling in the markets. But the truth is that he is an spy in the service of the highest bidder, knows many things and where to move to get information.


Vulne is a tremendously talkative, impertinent and annoying person. He enjoys teasing the weak (perhaps for them to become strong and not suffer what he suffered) as Alyn, and especially Neka, who he is in love and does not hesitate to tell her all the time. He is clever with words, sibylline and sly, he knows how to hide his feelings and intentions under a mask of impertinence and mockery.

  • Name: Vulne (no surnames)
  • Nickname: the Impertinent Sword
  • Ethnicity / Race: Ager and Chiin / Human
  • Sex / Age: Male ♂ / 23
  • Height / Width: 1,80 cm (5’9”) / 64 kg (141 lbs)
  • Home: Arza (Karinia) / Empire of Nihodo
  • Work: Spy
  • Family: None alive
  • Friends: Kazan, Neka, Alyn, Meva, Miia, Leiko, Kay.
  • Special: Swordman exotic techniques
Ghorbrother of Azghar
Ghor was an Ogre that terrified the city of Arza for a while
Azgharnew chief of Oghkun clan
Azghar is searching a guy called «Kazan» because he killed to his brother, Ghor.
Assameri Clan
Assameri Clan-
Miia’s home clan.
Zhant Hauss
Zhant HaussRahrek
The order of Rahreks send him to the north because rumors says that the Ice Ogres are becoming a menace
Falx Eld
Falx EldBlacksmith
Falx was a normal living until he meet Valdia.
ValdiaHouse wife
A totally normal housewife.
A cute cryboy cousin of Kazan and Neka.
Meva Liennais
Meva Liennaisthe Nurse
Meva is a sweet nurse that give support to the citizens of Arza. She is a childhood friend with Kazan, Vulne and Neka.