After Wedding Miia 5/5

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Fifth (of five) drawing about the after wedding ceremony of Miia’s tribe. For this last drawing I had in mind an aftersex scene, in which everything is already finished, so the typical pose in which everything drips I think is a good choice.

Besides including the egg impregnation box, which with so many concoctions, it was inevitable.

“The musk that floats in the air, the moans, and the wet sounds cause in the young people an enormous sexual excitement that they must control.

Gradually, most of the guest leave to satisfy these primal desires, unable to keep up with the rhythm of the couple.

But the Witnesses must remain and hold out until the bride and groom are finished. They are chosen to ensure the success of the mating. To do this they simply have to see that the ejaculation has occurred inside the bride’s womb

This way demonstrates that the partners are in harmony. Now the couple is ready for the wedding night.”

– Alyn Wiskarin, prodigy scholar.

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