Project Description

This week i have been designing some OCs. I had the concepts long ago, but never I set to design.
This group is principally associated with Kazan.

1- Vulne: the bestfriend of Kazan. They met since childhood. Vulne, the impertinent sword
2- Zhant Hauss: He is a “Gneliond” (an apprentice of something like a monster hunter, the “g” is silent). He doesn’t like Kazan and they are rivals. He comes from a noble family of Rahreks (a monster hunters), but now he is the last of them because his brothers and family “wasted the time on the court”. They think that the era of Rahreks ended, because today doesn’t exist any monster, all were hunted.
3- Ru: The sniper/assassin. She lost the right arm and left leg, but the Hauss family saved her life and paid an artifact for her limbs, so, now she serve him with loyalty.
4- Neka: The sister of Kazan. Active and positive girl. She have a good range on the army. She, Vulne and Kazan played together on the childhood. Neka isn’t her true name, the real name embarrasses much to her.