No one reads this blog because I don’t write anything, and if anyone wants to know something they can just drop by my Patreon and that’s it.
But I want to record on the web the events that took place during February 2020.

I will explain here almost everything. It’s going to be a bit scatological, because my disease is about pooping.

The beginning

It all started… in November. At that time, I started to have diarrhea (I have never had diarrhea) with a little blood. At first I didn’t give it much thought, a few drops of blood were rare, but it was no big deal. First mistake.

In December it got worse, but I convinced myself that I had hemorrhoids, so the blood was normal. What I missed was the “I must be eating something that feels bad” diarrhea. This month I went to the doctor for tests. My sister is “lactose intolerant” which causes gas and other problems. Maybe the same thing was happening to me. Or even worse, “gluten intolerance.”

During December and part of January I changed my diet to a lactose and gluten-free one. And I started to feel better… but I wasn’t getting any better.

In January, the blood and stool tests showed that I was not lactose and gluten intolerant (good!), but I had caught a Salmonellosis! (probably from eating undercooked eggs). The doctor gave me antibiotics and I would have to have more blood tests within 15 days.

But a week later, already beginning February, I had a constant pain in the belly (below the belly button). A pain that increased enormously when I went to defecate… and went up to 10 times a day!

On February 3 I went to the ER, had some tests and was admitted to the hospital:

  • The blood was not from the hemorrhoids… because I didn’t really have any!
  • I had an inflamed pancreas (pancreatitis).
  • I still had a mild case of salmonellosis.

The Hospital

The first week in the hospital was horrible. There is no medicine to cure pancreatitis. The only cure is to stop eating for several days until the inflammation goes down. I was still in pain and going to the bathroom numerous times during the day. I also spent my birthday locked up in the hospital T^T
The doctors did lots of tests to find out what was wrong with me (CT, Angio CT, 2 colonoscopies, MRI, X-ray, echocardiogram, blood and stool tests, etc).

They finally found out that I had Ulcerative Colitis (ulcers in the colon, the large intestine). I was in a chronic state. Now that the doctors knew what was wrong with me, they could give me the right medication.

ulcerative colitis

The problem is that they also discovered that I have a birth defect of the Iliac Artery. That it is over-irritating the colon and feeding the ulcers. So recovery will be slower (fuuuuck!)

iliac artery

They started giving me pills and medication that would take away my pain. I felt great… but by the time the effects wore off, everything went back to the way it was. I couldn’t see an end to this disease!

On the 25th the doctors got serious, and they put me on a special medication, very effective, but slow. A few days later, I went from going to the bathroom 7 times with pain, to only 1 time without pain!

So I was able to leave the hospital on the 27th. But my illness is not over, I am not completely cured. At home I have to keep taking pills and I will have to go to the hospital every 2 weeks to have this special medicine injected again, until I am definitely cured.

But I am getting better and better!