Project Description

Ok, this pic is… eh… at the beginning… hmm :S

Well, the complete story is that:  Em Artic won the commission-raffle of August, and he texted me:

… I have to say its been nice seeing a lot of Miia and Neka, but I’m thinking that we need something cutesy this month. I’m thinking something along the lines of Leiko finally giving Kazan a kiss

…but I had a problem. Kazan doesn’t love Leiko. Yes, I know that I never told about this, but he doesn’t love her. So, to me, to draw this scene was strange. I can draw porn about my characters because all of this pics aren’t canon. But I pretend the rest it are.

So,  Em  Artic  has unlocked something like a spoiler.

PS: Sorry, the cute theme evolved into a  dramatic theme :_(