Tirzah training

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Tirzah training. Fourth commission, this time is an Original Character setting in the world of my webcomic! 😮😍

Tirzah is a Nyarthic Felide born in a clan that once resided in the mountains in Notsjg but grew up with the former Rahrek, Jonathan Stalford, alongside her younger brother, Kai.

She does have an older sister named Luna, but after the attack and slaughter by unknown monsters, Tirzah never knew what happened to Luna. Tirzah loved her sister, and even to this day, she wonders what happened to her after that fateful night.

But Tirzah also has a dream to become a Rahrek and make humans change their minds toward monsters. A couple of humans in Bjorkan already have, but that’s not enough in her eyes. But, the first thing Tirzah must do is be fully-fledged Rahrek in her own right. She’s also an ogre for a friend named Uzígrha.

Tirzah is a very kind person and desires to protect anyone from harm. She doesn’t like to be called a servant, slave, freak, or monster. She loves reading books and wants her brother to read some as well. She can quickly get drunk for some odd reason, making her a hassle.”

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