Sui, Tsundere Elf, Isekai Ojisan

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Sui, Tsundere Elf, Isekai Ojisan. Lucky Ticket commission on my Discord server. The commission said «I had something prepared but I lost it, so draw whatever you want, I just enjoy your art» 😲

Well, I wanted to draw a little fanart of Sui, or Tsundere Elf, from the Isekai Ojisan anime series.

You know those Youtube videos about «reacting to X thing» where a person watches a video? Well the series is a «reacting to the life my Uncle had in another world» 😂

Tsundere Elf is the best (she is very tsundere), I really like her design (specially the hair color). Sui, we all support you and wish you to be happy, but we know that is not going to be possible 😂

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