Project Description

I like to play role-playing games, and I am a game director in my group of friends.

During this week I have played several games and taking advantage of the quarantine, I have drawn a couple of characters that I have played with.

  1. First is Kath Mcson, we are set in 1983. I’m a mother from Kansas. She has 2 children (16 and 10), is hooked on the new “V” series, and believes her husband is cheating on her.
  2. The werewolf is a game based on Castlevania. I’m Razvan, he was in the service of Dracula in exchange for protecting his family, but the family finally die, and now Razvan is looking for revenge.
  3. Hitori Misha (he is not human, he is an AI in a cyberpunk world).
  4. and Eugenio Sartorras (he is a baaaaad guy).