Project Description

Commission for the Patron Captain.

I should have uploaded this image on Monday, but I have not been able to do it until now, sorry :(

Well, this image has an interesting development: Our Captain (Techorb) wanted an image with his captain (the one in this image, remember?) and Miia hugged him ashamed in a sexual misunderstanding.

But I feel uncomfortable doing this kind of unofficial images about my characters, so I proposed to him to change Miia, for another felide, a new one. The truth is that I was intrigued by the scene, why was the captain in that scene with a “monster”? What was the misunderstanding?

The Captain’s reply has been very interesting, it turns out that he is creating a prison for monsters, but in reality, it is a refuge for them!

You’re putting your military career at risk, captain! Will it be worth it? XD

I love it <3