Project Description

Although a bit late, I’m jumping on the Jack-o Pose bandwagon. I also combine it with an old suggestion of Miia stretching like a cat 😍

The truth is that my memory told me that I had already drawn Miia stretching 🤔  and I started to look for the drawing. But I couldn’t find it 😣

I became obsessed in finding it, I looked in the folder with the editable files, in the folder with the published drawings, I looked in my website… but I couldn’t find the drawing.

I resigned myself to think that maybe I had never drawn it 🤔  maybe it was a lost sketch among many other sketches… But something told me that NO, that I had already done that drawing before! 😩

Then my brother found it easily by googling 😅

Arf, is it possible? Google found before me a drawing that maybe didn’t exist 😫

It was an Inktober! ah! that’s why I couldn’t find the editable file 😆 😆