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My monster for the contest of #BattleChasers Nigthwar.
This is a terrible creature, be carefull!!


NAME: Korekto (The Collector).


– It is a solitary and rare creature to find. Normally fight alone.

– At first, he ignored the heroes and focuses on finding objects. Heroes can attack without problems, the stroke causes each drop a (completely) random object.

– The heroes not known when Korekto will turn to fight, it is also random (you can hit him one or three or five times and maybe he continue finding items. But, the more attacks receives, more likely is that the monster turn to fight.

– Also, the more items you take off him, increase the chances of he make the Super attack.

– The best option to fight against him is get the maximum amount of items in a short time and escape, before Korekto use the Super Attack (Death Touch).

– Of course, when Korekto is stand up (fighting), hit him don’t give any items.


Basic: Throwing Objects

– He take and throws a random object from his box, it can be a good weapon, poor armor, a rare potion, a normal book or any rubbish (useful only to sell).

– This attack have very low damage.

– The objects he thrown, get automatically for the heroes and go to the inventary.

Special: Rage Scream

– The monster scream smoke and ash in front of one Hero. This attack is paralyzing, and prevents the group escape.

– This can very dangerous! but can be good at the same time.

– It’s good because it forces you to spend more time in battle, so you can get more objects. But it is dangerous because Korekto can make a Super attack.

Super: Death Touch

– The most dangerous attack. A single, gentle touch, automatically kill any hero. Be careful!

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