Kazana VS Kazan

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Challenge (because I refuse to call it a suggestion) made to me on my Discord server about Kazana vs Kazan (Kazana is the female version of Kazan, the genderbend). The true is that  (because I refuse to call it a suggestion):

“Kazana x Kaz selfcest. Do it coward.”

Who is the coward now, bitch?! 🤣

I have taken too long to do this drawing 😅 The truth is that I usually work with canvases 2500 px wide or long, but this time I wanted to make it bigger 3500px to be able to detail more and focus on the line drawing. But this has made me have more content to do.

Add that I have not been able to draw due to the New Year and Three Wise Men Day holidays (in Spain Christmas presents are delivered on January 6. They are not brought by Santa Claus, but by the 3 Wise Men, those who appear in the Bible the day Jesus is born and bring him gifts: gold (for a king), frankincense (for a god) and myrrh (for a human)).

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1 year ago

Will you do one with kazan and his mother?

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