Filling the woodshed

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It is not the first time that Kazan helps the Anita’s family to fill the woodshed. Another character that no one expected in the NSFW series “before (SFW)-after (NSFW)”, right? (Don’t know who Anita is? Well, read my webcomic, she has some relevance in the saga).

I didn’t want to leave Anita out of this series of drawings, because if Sati had her own drawing, Anita deserved it too.

With this I have already added to all the relevant female characters of the webcomic to this saga of illustrations.

PS: The truth is that the X-ray version makes me a bit proud 🤔. Usually, X-rays are represented from the front or from the side, never in 3/4 perspective because it is difficult to draw the uterus, but, I think I have done a good job 😎

PS2: Oh! Anita has an old NSFW drawing!

So, the seventh!

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