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Boi special 14. It has been a long time since Leiko has been out shopping!

There are many things that have happened over the few chapters of the comic that I feel need to be explained more extensively. This page is one of them:

Leiko likes to go shopping, but as already stated in chapter 5, Leiko’s clothes are made das with alchemical materials (made specifically for her in order to be warmer than usual). Therefore, her buying clothes is useless, because she cannot wear them.

But I think this kind of information is useless to explain outside of the comic, it has to be dealt with by the characters for it to feel canonical. It has to be said inside the comic. I would have liked to introduce a discussion between Leiko and Kazan about this (and the Leiko’s reply), but for that, I need more pages. I’ll try to introduce this at some point.

Well, like this, there are several other pieces.

If you haven’t read the comic, it’s on webtoonTapastic and my website!


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