Project Description

What can I said about the Imperial States of Auliz… that is a most weird nations on Itheriont, the main color are black and white, because on their territories are the headquarter of the main religion of occident, the Dualism (I do not explain here the Dualism, it was extensive)

In Auliz it is frowned upon to expose the skin, the face and showing intense feelings. They are elitist, cultured, calm and scheming people … and good villains XD

But the strangest thing is that people can inherit a name. Names are inherited with all charges, possessions, debts and consequences. Thus, a son who inherits the name of his father, becomes his own father. His mother becomes his wife, and his brothers become his children.

It is easy if we see it as if it were a company, instead of a family. When a son (employee) becomes a father (president), his brothers (workmates) become his sons (employees).

Of course, it is not necessary to be a biological son to inherit a name. Because on Auliz the blood ties do not matter, the important thing is the ability and the merits.

For example, Mr. Auro is a father, and discovers a citizen named Eron who excels in architecture. Auro has paid to have 4 children (yes -_-): Orgon, Asgalon, Eila and Iddian. He currently have empty the name of Asgalon because he has 3 sons. So he decides to adopt Eron. Eron abandons his name, and now it’s Asgalon. Later, Auro discovers an architect much better than his new son Asgalon, so he expels him and adopts the new architect.

Years later, Auro dies. His name is free, so his son Orgon decides to inherit it. The other members of the family accept and Orgon becomes Auro. So his brothers are now his sons.

But a competitor appears. A person offers his riches and wants to be the new Auro. The house will improve with that money, so everyone accepts and the new competitor becomes Auro, inhering the family, titles, etc.

You can see the “world” map here: