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$120 Commissions



Complete this form to get a Commission. $120 USD per commission (only personal use, no comercial use).

  1. Complete the form and I will receive the request.
  2. I will contact you if I am interested in the job.
  3. If I accept, I will send to you a Payment Request by Paypal (you need a Paypal account).
  4. When I have time and can do it, I will draw the image.
  5. I’ll send you an email when I finish working with the finished image.
  6. I publish the image on my websites.

What you get?

  • PNG 100% size.

  • PNG 50% size (this is the pic that I will post on my sites).

  • PSD layered.

  • Step by step (a strip)

  • Step by Step (the previous strip, but the pics separately)

    Commissions Form

    A commission are $120 USD, but you can add some additional options. Including discounts!
    And remember, I don't: Futa, bara, gore, expansion, pedo and other heavy fetish.

    About you

    I need a name to know who are you. It isn't necessary your real name, you can give me your nick on Twitter, Instagram or something else.

    Give me a email to send the file (and to chat if necessary)



    -$30: Kawa-V can give this commission on his Monthly Patreon Rewards.-$30: Creative Freedom (I trust on Kawa-V, I will not do any correction during the process)


    I need see the character, so give me links to pics, illustrations, cosplay, etc.
    Please, send more than one pic! If you don't have any pic (only text), that means this is a "Design Character +30$".

    You can give me additional information about the character, if it necessary: the personality, attitude, background.

    Write here if you need add something more about the commission.