The World of Itheriont


Set in a world that by unexplainable reason, become flat… and infinite. From that moment, appeared the “scientific magic”; the monsters and Rahreks; the Reborns; the Anomalies… but that is not all, when the “Hunt Era” ended, when mankind expelled the monsters from their territory, the humans started the Great Human War, a “Fantasy First World War” that will define the human destiny.

Kazan, Leiko, Miia and Alyn, are the main characters on a story about what is the Itheriont and what it represents in a world in war that hates and fear all that means “monster”.

leiko sleeping in her bed
vulne impertinent sword

An Infinite and Flat world

After the Singularity, the world became… flat. The sciencist meditions said that the world became definitively flat, but the day/night cycles, the gravity, and other physical laws continued to function with normally.

But this was not the only change, the map of the world changed, mountains, lakes, rivers and forests emerged, in addition the world becoming virtually infinite. Many expeditions have set out to seek the end of the world, and it has never been found.

(Note: A friend said that this world is like the videogame Minecraft, flat and infinite. Additionally the true it that it isn’t infinite, the size is 50 AU (Astronomical Unit))

Monsters: Difference between Natural and Supernatural

Why a dog is a natural creature, but a giant three-headed dog is a supernatural monster? For us (yes, you reader) is easy: all animals that do not exist in reality, are monsters. But for the inhabitants of a fantasy world that is more complicated. So how to differentiate them?

The difference is inside their body. After subjecting them to an autopsy, a sorcerer can easily find traces of “magical contamination” (or directly an magic organ, like the horn of unicorns). So, every animal with traces of magic, isn’t natural, is a monster. Scientists are speaking they are like “living anomalies”.

A social difference, unlike the humans, the monsters never developed the civilization. The monsters that can live in tribes or social clans, are nomads or live in small towns (no more advanced like the Neolithic Era). They never developed the architecture, poesy, industrialization, complex social systems, structural religions, economy based on money, etc. The monsters have societies, but not civilizations.

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captured tiger girl miia

The “Hunt Era”

Since humans came to this strange world, have been besiege by monsters, and it was not until the invention/discover of the Magite, humanity could not conquer the territory it needed to expand and thrive. The Magite give an easy (but limited) control of magic. That allowed the humans to fight on equal terms to the monsters. This stage is known to humans as “The Light Era”.

That’s why humans fear and generally hate all type of monsters. For the memory of living locked in a hostile world.

But today, more and more voices are saying that the era of hunting was bad, the expulsion, murder and enslavement of the monsters was a barbarism and should have come to a coexistence.


The main heroes who drove out the monsters are the Order of Rahreks, an organization with great control over the production of the Magite and Magic regulations, who worked hunting monsters and organizing hunts with the Magems (users of Magite). Unfortunately for them, at present there are almost no monsters left on the continent, and their political power has diminished.

Rahrek and Gneliond, the disciples of Rahreks (the “G” is silent), have a special and powerful Magite, one made in metal, instead of gem, that people said they can cancel magic and magite.

kazan vs zhant
hot springs cave

The Anomalies

The anomalies are places where there is a strong irradiation of magic that alters the natural laws, modifying the environment and creating places inexplicable from the logical point of view. Some are considerably more dangerous than others.

For example it can be a forest where the leaves are luminous feathers, a territory where it is always at night, gorges that burn to those who cross it, rocks that bleed without ceasing, waterfalls that fall to the sky, etc.

Anomalies are often highly prized places for magicians, places where they extract materials for their investigations.

The Reborns

The Reborns are people that for any reason, have died. Either due to an accident, murder, starvation, illness or in a natural way. All have died. But by some inexplicable event, they soon returned to life … with supernatural abilities that control at will.

These powers they acquire are known as Rennus, and always derive from some detail of the moment of death. It can be a last thought, the way in which it dies, something in the environment, a feeling, etc. In practice, it is as if they themselves become a Magite, able to control almost without training the shape of a Basal.

The Mutation

In addition, the experience of dying produces to the Reborns at least a remarkable physical change, a mutation derived from Basal that dominate. So, for example, someone who controls the Lava Form, will always be very hot, or someone who dominates Nature will have hair of vines or whoever dominates the Smoke will need to breathe toxins.

Adding that the Resurrected can not use sorcery or manipulate Magites, the magical overload that must exist in their bodies rejects other sources of magic. It is the same thing that happens when trying to join two magnets by the same pole, they repel.

kazan fire

And More!

That is only the beginning, there are still many things to talk about, like the Dorniak an elitist organization that seeks to understand and manipulate Destiny; the great religions, like the Duality, the cult to the Stars and the cult to the Ancestors; about the existence of the Soul and the Hereafter and why there is no proof of it in a world of fantasy and magic; the new Colonization era and more!

The Magic Theory

The Three forms of Magic

There are three known states of magic: Gaseous, Solid and Liquid. The first to be discovered was the gaseous state, which is known as “magic wind“. This is a type of particles that float in the environment, invisible, like a fog that moves with capricious movements independent of the natural wind. Scholars know that this wind is composed of all the Alchemical Elements, like an immense elemental cloud from which magic can be extracted.

This form of magic is used by sorcerers, manipulating it with gestures and words. It is the most versatile and yet complicated way to use magic. By requiring so many years of study and practice, nowadays almost nobody is interested in learning it, due to the Magite.

The Magite is the result of refining solid magic, this was the second state to be discovered, accidentally. Look like, cristal or gems. This discovery was a huge change for Mankind, because the Magite which allows limited use of magic with little knowledge. This new armament allowed the humans to face on equal terms to the monsters, starting the “Hunt Era”.

The wizards began to theorize that the liquid magic had to exist, and after several decades of investigation, managed to condense the magic wind in “Manah“, the magic liquid. Manah is the new human revolution, used mainly like fuel for the modern machines (it is like coal or oil). Manah is harmful to humans, and consuming it can lead to death or even, terrible mutations and deformations.

The Itheriont

According to the magic theory, the Itheriont is the most basic and pure form of magic, an unusual element with the capacity to be any other element and with the potential to manipulate reality. This force can make any dream come true, thanks to the control of the magical forces.

It is a purely theoretical Alchemical Element. That means that “still” has not been proven (not found) … but the mathematical formulas of sorcerers predict that it should exist. According to these formulas, it is a wonderful element that is both Verbal and Basal, and also including all existing Shapes. The Itheriont is the only alchemical element that exists in the form of plasma, and is supposed to be able to imitate all the effects of the other elements. A particle that englobe all of them. This is an exceptional item that all sorcerers dream of finding and demonstrating!

The Table of the Alchemic Elements


Simbol Name State of Matter Verbal
An Aniodo Solid Destruction
Bi Birodo Solid Transmute (teorical)
Ci Cindelio Liquid Modify
Do Dorelio Liquid Create
Es Esmion Gas Control
Fa Farion Gas Perceive
Ith Itherion Plasma All (teorical)
alyn magic


Simbol Name State of Matter Basal Limiter (examples)
Gi Gistrion Gas Magic Magic
Hu Humiodo Solid Continuous Space
Is Ismelio Liquid Continuous Time
Ja Jarion Gas Mind Mind
Ki Kilion Gas Mind Illusion
La Labledo Solid Life Sapiens, Animal, Monsters.
Mi Mirodo Solid Nature Vegetal, Wood, Paper, Disease, Poison, etc.
Nu Nudion Gas Fire Fire, Heat, Explosion, Light, Shadow, Thunderbolt, etc.
Op Opaedo Solid Earth Erth, Cristal, Gravity, Metal, Lava, Sand, etc.
Pa Panelio Liquid Water Water, Blood, Ice, Poison, Cold, Snow, Viscosity, etc
Qu Quirion Gas Air Air, Smoke, Gas, Sound, Wind, etc.
Ro Rodion Gas Chaos Lucky, Probability, Randomness
Si Sirodo Solid Summon (research)
Ti Tigodo Solid Necromancer (research)
Uo Uon Gas Soul (theoric)
Ith Itheriont Plasma All All