Project Description

Commission for a Deviant.

Originally, this commission was “Reid x Miia”, but like the “Misunderstanding”, I don’t feel comfortable drawing no-canonical pics, so… A new Felide XD.

“Veris would be a former druid’s apprentice, but her master was killed by a human monster hunters. She was forced into slavery and often misused as a sex toy, a whore so to say.
She sough vengeance against those who murdered her master and she uses any form of deceit and poison to kill them.
During one of her attempts, she meets Reid, and she was disguised as one of the slaves. Needless to say, he showed her kindness and protected her during a retaliation of her latest target. After this, she joins him and offers mostly herbal assistance”

Oh, Reid is the Assassin on the right: Kawa’s Army