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How to see the exclusive content (NSFW)

The following tutorial explains step by step what new users should do to gain access to exclusive content.

1- Become a $5 Patron (or more)

1.1- Go to my Patreon page and choose a Pledge. But remember, only the $5 level and above get access to NSFW pics.

1.2- If you are already a Patron, Thank you! go to the next point!

Go to Patreon
patreon pledge levels

2- Make an account here, in

2.1- Sign in on, Complete the register form to get an account.

2.2- Accept the e-mail confirmation (do not put a fake email, or you will not be able to continue).

2.3- Login.

kawa-v user sign

3- Sync the account with Patreon

3.1- When you are Login, go to the Sync button, in the user bar (top of the web) and click it.

sync button

3.2- Accept the synchronization (click on Allow). When the process is finished, you will be redirected to the main page.

4- Go to the NSFW pics:

4.1- Go to the exclusive content (or click in the pic)… Attention! previews are always censored, ALWAYS!

4.2- Choose a photo. If everything is OK you can see the content without censorship.

Attention! some pics have more than 1 image

Select the arrows in the image to see the next one (the arrows will appear when the page finishes loading). Or click the image to active the lightbox. The latest NSFW pics have a censored and uncensored version.

4.3- If it is not working, it may be due to external problems, such as problems with the browser, applications you are using (such as an advertising blocker), etc.

Contact me via email, patreon message, or what you want.

I hope everything went well, Thanks for your support!!